Thursday 31 July 2014

Town Centre Restaurants

The old adage - “The three most important requirements for a restaurant are location, location and location” is often used. The best locations ore often identified as town centres – but why? Few restaurant customers live in the town centre so people have to travel to the town centre. Busses are often unusable, taxis expensive, car parking difficult and the wet English climate a challenge for those that have to walk any distance to the restaurant. Returning home through the weather and throng of ‘merry makers’ thrown out of the pubs round off the evening in an unpleasant way. Whilst location is important, I fail to see the attraction of town centres.
The Thai Lanna –Chasewater restaurant is located out of town, just 300m off the A5/A453 Chester Road roundabout. It has its own fenced off car park and you can park just a few metres from the door. Most local taxis also know where it is. Thai Lanna can not only offer great food, but the prospect of a civilised journey home. 

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